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For more information about our catering: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note: Please do not place orders by email.

Three different catering options are available:


Prepared and ready for pick-up with all serving utensils and plastic ware provided on requests


• All drop-offs include set-up with all food being set-up and ready to eat when delivery is complete.
• Within the immediate area flat $25.00 charge
• Outside the immediate area minimum $35.00 charge
• Deliveries outside of the 30 mile line subject to additional delivery charges
• Disposable chaffing stands and sterno available for any drop-off or pick-up



Basic staffed service line preparing fresh tortillas on-site and serving each guest buffet style included. Each line will be self sufficient, providing any needed set-up tables, cleaning service area, and packing up any opened product. Table cloths available on request for serving tables.

Full Service includes 2 hours serving time on-site.


• All meats and tortillas are prepared on site along with the option of additional menu items being available for serving.
• Serving times include 2 hrs on-site time.

Any of the following are available at no charge
Chopped romaine, tomatoes, grilled corn, roasted chiles, onions, cilantro and limes.
Additional food items are available and can be discussed with any manager just by calling or by visiting one of our locations. Trays of enchiladas, taquitos or grilled avocados are available a la carte or added to any order.